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September 26, 2023

TES wins authorization from Honeywell to perform CFE738 MPI & CZI Engine inspections

Fort Worth, TX, September 26th 2023 – TES, a leading provider of Field Services, Engine & APU Services and Parts Services exclusively for business jets, is pleased to announce that it has been authorized by Honeywell Aerospace to perform Heavy level workscopes including MPI and CZI inspections on the CFE738 model engine.

The new agreement provides TES the license to perform these inspections on Honeywell MSP covered engines. TES also has the authorization to perform MPI and CZI workscopes on non-MSP covered engines. The authorization is a long-term agreement and is the continued evolution of the TES’ partnership with Honeywell Aerospace.

TES is currently authorized by Honeywell to perform “minor” level engine maintenance on HTF7xxx engines, up to MPI level on TFE731 engines and has repair and overhaul capabilities on the 36-100/150, RE100 and RE220GX APU model types. In addition, TES owns and manages over 230 rental APUs on the 36-100 and 150 model types and exclusively supports MSP covered APU’s.

While TES has previously been Honeywell authorized at the line level, this agreement now extends the company’s capabilities up to Heavy level, encompassing MPI, CZI and full engine test services provided by our industry leading team. This expansion will not only enhance TES’s ability to serve existing clients with additional products and services, it will also open doors to collaborate with Dassault’s extensive network of owned, and authorized service centers and the F2000 operators, providing comprehensive CFE738 engine maintenance solutions worldwide.

“TES is delighted to receive Honeywell’s approval on such an important authorization,” said Russell Starr, President & CEO, TES. “We are committed to significant investment on the CFE738 engine program and look forward to working with Dassault Operators to provide best-in-class service and support.”

Over the coming months, TES will be diligently ramping up its expanded capabilities. The company is dedicated to providing the highest quality of service and will share further details about this exciting development in due course.

About TES

TES, a Killick Aerospace Group company, was founded in 2001, with headquarters in Fort Worth, Texas. TES focuses solely on business aviation providing specialized MRO scheduled and unscheduled maintenance services on engines and APU’s and Parts Services on Bombardier products. It has capabilities on the HTF7xxx, TFE731 (Classics and NG), CF34, CFE738 and BR710 engine model types and has full repair and overhaul capabilities on the 36-100/150, RE100 and RE220GX APU model types. They own, and manage, the 36 Series APU Rental Bank with over 230 APU’s in their pool to support MSP and non-MSP rental requirements. TES has a team of remote technicians providing field services throughout the US on all these engine and APU model types. Lastly, TES has an exclusive agreement with Bombardier, to provide Parts Services on the Challenger 600/601 and Learjet 60 programs.

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